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Product Description

Wpc Decking

WPC is the building materials as a substitute for natural wood floors. Designed in such a way that have the look like wooden floors, good variety, color or texture. WPC wpc wood can be used for swimming pools, pool deck & wood flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Serve as alternate chair wooden parquet, vinyl flooring wood motif product has high aesthetic value with the color and texture that resembles the natural wood with a thickness of 4 mm. vinyl Flooring can be used as an alternative to the wooden parquet floors, wooden ceiling and tiled floors.

UPVC Plafond / Ceiling

UPVC Plafond / Ceiling is a material as an alternative to gypsum board or wooden ceiling. With more resistant to moist and water, as well as lightweight. Elastic material is easily applied to a wide range of design contour ceiling. Ceiling pvc can be used as an alternative to gypsum ceiling & ceiling grc board. Suitable for use on ceilings of houses, apartments or offices.

Wall Board / Wall Panel

Wall board/Wall panels or also known as partition wall is a product that can be used as an alternative of the separator between the space of the House. Our pvc wall panel can be applied to partition a room in your home and Office

UPVC Roof Sheet

UPVC Roof Sheet is the answer for the needs of the roof that can withstand heat and muffle sounds good. Suitable for application on the area/land that needs protection against the hot rays of the Sun and easy application. Upvc roof can be used as an alternative to the use of the roof, the roof spandek polycarbonate & corrugated. Easy to apply, as well as suitable for use on the roof of the warehouse, the roof, the roof of the factory

Steel Door

Steel Door is designed to meet the needs of the House door that has strong and high durability. With steel plate and bone systems reinforced with brace inside the door. Steel door are very precise if used on the door of the home and office doors


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